Saturday, 24 January 2015

The LRM Time Capsule.

Hello and thank you all for popping by. Some of the things that I want to write about do not always fit in well with the format of Facebook and therefore I decided to set up the Lost Retro Melbourne Blog.   I procrastinated for ages as I am not the most tech savvy person around but finally low tech Lost Retro Melbourne blog is good to go.

 So here I am with my first post about the LRM Time Capsule which in reality is my father's house. Those of you who have followed LRM on Facebook will be aware that my father recently passed away. His house was built in 1963 in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. It was his first and last home and it became a museum to all things retro. We had an outside dunny so a chamber pot was used at night until a laundry and toilet were added in the late 1960's.This was followed by a kitchen renovation in the 1970's along with an extra bedroom and sunroom added to the back of the house. The house then remained unchanged through the decades.

Growing up we knew our neighbours well as all the little tackers played in the street and we spent a lot of time with our favourite neighbours Mr & Mrs M who never had children. They seemed really old to us but the reality was that they were only in their early 40's. They would invite us over and allow us to create scrapbooks from old magazines while giving us green cordial. One Christmas I was lucky enough to be given some beautiful paper dolls from Mrs M which then had their heads ripped off by naughty Vaughan Smith when I took them to school. I was devastated as growing up we did not have much money and I knew that those paper dolls would never be replaced. Mrs M is still alive so I pop over from time to time and we talk about the old neighbourhood days

Growing up as a child in Europe during the second world war meant that dad faced great hardships so in 1952 at 20 years of age he arrived in Australia wanting to start a new life in a land of hope and promise. Dad lived very very frugally but hardships meant that unless something was beyond repair you just did not throw it away.

Yesterday we started the process of clearing out our childhood bedrooms which through the subsequent years had become storage rooms. Over time my sisters and I have had conversations ad nauseam as to who the items (junk) belonged to. Interestingly enough, no one would claim ownership and yet the rooms were piled high with stuff that seemed to belonged to no one. It was a mystery, however yesterday the first bedroom started to reveal its secrets. Ssssshhhh little sister Dee tried to flee when box after box revealed a timeline of her life. She was surprised, bemused, shocked and elated at the personal history that was revealed.

After the boxes, we then started on suitcases and bags. Our jaws dropped when a hand sewn calico bag revealed family treasures beyond belief. The bag was sewn by our mother who passed away in 1989 while inside the bag were all her clothes which my father had carefully packed away. The calico bag had protected and preserved the story of her life which remained hidden in a dusty corner of the bedroom. Until yesterday we had very few physical reminders of our mother so it was a marvellous gift that was given to us. We rejoiced while our hearts and minds sang when remembering the outfits, our mother and the long forgotten family occasions that they were worn at.

The joy continued when we unpacked a second bag which was full of our childhood clothing. Mum was a self taught seamstress who sewed most of our dresses as money was tight. She took a lot of pride in having us nicely dressed. My younger sister Dee and I only have a couple of years age difference so my mum liked to dress us in identical dresses. Discovered yesterday is one of our favourite identical dresses that we wore as faux twins in the 1970's.

Dad's time capsule transported us to places long forgotten. We look forward to future journeys of places, people and times long past.

Mrs LRM class pic 1974

Acrylic jumper rediscovered 2015

Home sewn favourite childhood dress rediscovered 2015.


  1. Great dress! I hope it still fits!

  2. Hi, Mrs LRM

    Well, you haven't changed much since 1974. What a great story and resurrection of wonderful memories. Thank you so much for sharing. I love the 70s jumper hanger. :)

    Peter Dean