Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Australia Post and the Birthday Card Ghost.

This post should have had a happy ending but sadly the Australia Post Birthday Card Ghost intervened and it all went pear shaped.

A few weeks ago, little Amelia popped a birthday card in the post for Mrs LRM's birthday. Hmmm I can see that you all know how this story is going to end but let me continue anyway. Amelia is a full-time uni student in Northern NSW so money is tight for her. Being so far away from Mrs LRM, Amelia wanted to mark the occasion by purchasing the most beautiful card possible. This purchase set poor Amelia back $8 which was a huge chunk of her almost non existent budget.

The card Amelia chose was of the best and thickest paper. To make the card even more special, little Amelia hand decorated the envelope with Happy Birthday messages and pretty drawings. Being a former art student I imagine it would have looked very sweet and eye catching. It was so eye catching  that the Australia Post Birthday Card Ghost acquired it and made it invisible.

The only saving grace of the Australia Post Birthday Card Ghost's greedy acquisition is that when they opened the envelope they would have found zip.  Yep.....NO Money, NO Scratchie just a lot of loving messages from my beautiful little tacker. At the end of the day love always endures and my relationship with Amelia is not measured by a card alone.

Anyway, to console myself I have looked over my retro card collection and dreamed of what might have been while sobbing forlornly into the handkerchief of the first card. Please enjoy these cards with me.

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