Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Desert Boot Darling Days.

In the 1970's we were able to escape the confines of the black leather school shoe when the camel coloured suede desert boot burst onto the school uniform scene. The 70's was an era when strict uniform policies were reviewed and abandoned by many schools in Victoria. In my older sister's time, she would have to kneel on a table top while a stern female teacher would measure three finger widths from the top of the table to the bottom of her school dress. Any higher than that and you were sent home in disgrace with instructions to lengthen your school dress.

When I rocked up in 1976, my school year started with a restrictive school tie and by December it was replaced with a bare neck. Tight shiny blue gaberdine slacks for the girls became official winter uniform replacing ugly shapeless woollen tunics. Grey scratchy school jumpers out.....soft fleecy wind cheaters in. 

The ultimate sign of our uniform shackles being left behind was being able to walk into this new era of educational freedom wearing our camel coloured desert boot with crepe soles. The desert boot allowed us to address both school and leisure wear with the one type of footwear. 

Every so often the desert boot experiences a humble revival. A few years back we enjoyed the pastel coloured desert boot but nothing will every come close to beating the original and the best.

Mr LRM modelling his Lost and Found Market Desert Boots.



Made to last.

Super stitching

Thank you LunaRayVintage for the cool pic.

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