Sunday, 8 February 2015

Living the Retro Life Bucolic Way Down in Kongwak.

This weekend Mr LRM and I were fortunate to live the retro life bucolic way down in Kongwak. Found in the Valley of Peace situated in South Gippsland, Kongwak is a perfect weekend getaway when combined with a bit of retro treasure hunting. Held every Sunday from 10-3pm, the Kongwak Market has brought colour, activity and life to what was no longer a thriving town. Today we enjoyed a fun day incognito while surrounded by all things retro at the market. Here are the happy snaps.

Interesting notices while taking a load off and grabbing a seat in the child's saucer chair. Donna is looking for an older caravan. Can anyone help her out?

Time to revive shell art jewellery boxes.

Follow this path to incredible views and the retro el fresco dining experience #1.

Okay so the bag is not retro.....but it is cute and I had to buy it for my little tacker Charlotte.

Happy tunic.

Retro el fresco dining experience #2.  Good old bratwurst sausage in bread.

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