Friday, 13 February 2015

Martha & Arthur Lived Happily Ever After.

Valentine's Day is usually about unspoken love. Love is not in the things that we give but it is in actions that we undertake. Love is enduring, love does not fade, love transcends. Here is a retro Valentine's Day love story.

I am a sucker for old photographs found while rummaging in op shops. I rescue them and proudly display them among my own family pics. I hate the thought that these photographs are no longer loved and cherised so I make it my mission to incorporated them into my family history. They then become part a mysterious part of the LRM family.

Martha and Arthur came calling for me one day at one of my local op shops. They were in a cheap and tacky multi photo pine frame. I had to rescue them and take them home with me. The pine frame did not do them justice so I grabbed an old box picture frame that I had keeping for the perfect vintage photograph. Martha and Arthur were then relocated to their new home. To make the pic look that little bit more special I created a border made from ripped 1970's gold embossed wall paper which I had acquired from Amelia.

I often wondered about their love story and how it came to be that they ended up at the op shop. My Friends at Lost Melbourne helped me to find Martha and Arthur's family. They kindly posted the love story of the abandoned this lost couple and the family came forward to claim them.

Arthur's name was really Laurie and in his last few years he had dementia which may help explain how the pic ended up in the op shop. Laurie's wife had passed away ten years prior and they never had any children. Arthur's niece contacted me and I am pleased to say that I was able to reunite her with this pic. I was shown a beautiful framed large colour version of the same pic so it warmed my heart that Martha and Arthur(as I had named them) could be returned to family members that loved them. The were not lost after all.

So here is my Valentine's Day gift to you all......The love story of Martha and Arthur.

Beautiful retro box frame displaying my adopted family members Martha & Arthur after they had been rescued and relocated.

For the briefest of times they joined my family and were displayed in my lounge room on this 1950's bedside chest of drawers.

Oh dear! This is how I found Martha and Arthur. Only $2.00 at the op shop. Martha and Arthur you deserve better.

Hmmm time to replace this shabby frame with a missing pic with something a bit more dignified.

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