Friday, 6 February 2015

Souvenir Spoons and the Tivoli Girl,

I don't know how this story began nor do I know how it ended but let me share my 15 minutes of whimsical wonderment at being introduced to a world of souvenir spoons and the Tivoli girl. Please forgive me if some of the details are a bit sketchy but I will do my best to recall the story as best I can.

Many retro moons ago I found myself on the front doorstep of this amazing house delivering a parcel to Mr Wrench. I am going to call him Allan because I pretty sure that was his name. I was a parcel contractor in those days as Mr LRM and I had relocated from Melbourne to raise our little tackers in a small country town. I could see that once upon a time this house was a showpiece but by the time I had landed on the doorstep with parcel in hand, she had become a faded beauty.

While handing over the package to Allan, I remarked at how beautiful the house was and he invited me in for a quick tour. Allan was born and bred in this small country town and his family went back for generations. Previous generations of the family had been boot makers so it was no surprise that Allan ran a shoe store with his brother. As a strapping young man he headed off to the big smoke and came back home with a Tivoli girl. Myrtle was blonde, beautiful and a very talented dancer. They married and Allan built a special home for for his special girl. The attention to detail in this house was exquisite and far removed from the surrounding neighbourhood homes.

I felt that I had entered an Aladdin's cave as my eyes feasted upon the lushness of the lounge room. The windows were beautifully bespoke while the walls were timber clad. It was a sensory overload scanning the room and taking in case upon case filled with souvenir spoons. Click click click went my mind just like the shutter of a camera in a manic race to commit this visual wonderland to memory. There were hundreds if not thousands of souvenir spoons carefully displayed. Each spoon revealed an adventurous heart full of romance that saw Allan whisk his Tivoli girl to the far flung corners of Australia. For a short time Allan shared that passion with me and showed me his favourite spoons.

I felt honoured and blessed that for the briefest of moments I became a participant in this long enduring love story of the souvenir spoons and the Tivoli girl. My skin tingles to this day looking at these pics and recalling that all too short interlude.


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  1. what a beautiful house! love the etched glass and fancy screening.